The Power of a Name

Names that we give or are given offer a power of their own.

People often ask, slightly confused, “So, what’s your business called?”

I get it. The name isn’t simple and doesn’t offer a ready explanation. The journey to naming Artemis & Equus was an intuitive and important one. Its story deserves to be told.

Business development was one facet of my studies in the two-year Touched by a Horse EGMC certification program. Early on, it felt imperative to give a name – and therefore, essential, organic energy –  to the business I was creating. I knew for sure that I wanted to highlight and honor the essential healing gifts that the horses bring to our coaching partnership, so the Equus portion of my soon-to-be business name was an easy fit. I also wanted to honor the energy and path of the human aspect – both the energy I wished to bring forth and that of my future clients and their inner work. My own path into motherhood and the work I was doing with adolescents at school created an urge to honor my work with such groups of people, both of which experience great change and vulnerability. With time, I followed the threads and nudges that came to me intuitively and began to explore Greek and Roman goddesses. Though I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in English, mythology had never been an interest or a forte.

Enter: Artemis.

My research into the Greek goddess unveiled that there are many interpretations of her essence and her role.  Often, she is portrayed as the goddess of the hunt, wilderness, animals and the moon. She is also and light-bringer and the goddess of childbirth and the protectress of young girls and young women.

The hunt.
While Artemis is portrayed as goddess of a literal hunt in search of an animal, I also choose to see her in the more metaphorical light of seeking, searching, hunting for our own inner knowing and truth.  Hunters have to adapt, to be present and in tune with their surroundings and what they seek, as do we.

The wilderness and the wildness
Artemis is at home in the wilderness. I honor nature and the wilderness in my life and my practice. In and of itself, it has the power to heal us and share its wisdom. Connecting to the outer wilderness and our own wilderness within brings us

The animals.
Though a hunter, Artemis was a protectress of animals. Animals have always been a love and a constant in my life. They are a guide back to myself.  They offer this gift to all when we connect in the present and listen. The horses show up in this way for clients, guiding them to awareness and healing.

The moon.
There may be nothing more magical and mystical than the moon. Its pull is undeniable. The moon and our connection to it is full of symbolism. The phases themselves mirror our own life phases in the short and long term.

The darkness.
Artemis is certainly portrayed as having a dark side: she is ruthless and can inflict pain and death. To deny the darker parts of ourselves does not serve us. In fact, much of what we condemn about they shadow side of ourselves may have formed for a purpose.  How we interact and bring those parts forward is where the importance lies.

The light.
We all seek to move farther into the light, even as we acknowledge and honor our shadowy parts. To stand in the light and bring forth our own unique light into the world. It is essential to consider how we are a beacon and refuge for others.

Independence, roles, and boundaries
Artemis is not one to conform to convention. She is fiercely independent and challenges traditional roles. While she is a compassionate healer and protector, she has strong boundaries and is self-sufficient.

In short, Artemis is badass. She maintains a strong sense of self while being a compassionate healer and protectress for others. Strength and softness.

Such is the energy with which I vow to hold space for my clients and my horses.

My intention is for my clients to fully reclaim their inner badass, with strength and softness, so they can shine their lights more brightly in the world.


Shine on,

Sources and miscellaneous reading

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