Meet the Herd Monday | Part One | Fleet

Barn name: Fleet
Registered Name: Fleet Hitter
Breed: Standardbred
Age: 22

Fleet joined us on the farm in July 2014, a few months after we had lost three horses to separate injuries and illness within the span of three weeks. He and his pasture buddy, Clyde, came to us from a couple who lived near my hometown. Fleet was with this family for many years after being adopted from the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (, the organization he was donated to after an injury ended his racing career in 2002.

It took Fleet an extraordinary amount of time to build trust and relationships, both human and equine. This made very basic tasks (like farrier work) very challenging. As a result, we gave him the space and opportunity to simply be a horse in the herd. That was his only job. With time, he’s decided that we are pretty awesome, and he now lets Becky care for his hooves every now and then. Maybe someday he’ll extend that trust to our professional farrier so he can get a real pedicure! He’s also quite sure that there is no better time than dinner time and welcomes the occasional treat.

Fleet is an incredibly sweet and sensitive boy, and over time, he has taken a leadership role in the herd. He is very observant of his surroundings and always knows what’s going on. His keen observation and sensitive nature will be a great gift to the EGCM work here at Artemis & Equus.

Visit us on Instagram @artemisequus to see more photos of Fleet and the rest of our herd.

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