Meet the Herd Monday | Part Two | Clyde

Barn name: Clyde
Breed: Grade/Quarter Horse type
Age: aged/unknown

Even after three years, there is so much we do not know about Clyde.  We had a new vet out this year, and she thought he was quite an elderly gentleman, even older than we had guessed.  There’s no way to know for sure, of course, though there is a bit of wisdom about him.


Clyde at his former home on the day we first met.

Clyde and Fleet came from the same home and have been pasture buddies for quite some time. When we brought Fleet home, Clyde refused to get in the trailer. Change is not his thing. He joined us a few weeks later when his then owners graciously trailered him to our farm.  Other than the years he spent at his former home, we know very little about him.  The one story they shared was that he was running loose in the area, and they were told by a neighboring farmer that they could have him if they caught him.  That’s the extent of his history as we know it.

What we have learned is that he has an enormously kind and loving heart.  When he arrived at our house and for quite some time after, he was quite insecure and pushy.  His right eye had been physically damaged at some point, and he is completely blind on that side. Over time as his trust in us has grown, he is no longer hindered by his limited eyesight and has lost nearly all of that insecurity. While he is at the bottom of the herd hierarchy, he has forever earned a spot in our hearts as a soft and gentle boy with a huge, caring heart.  I cannot wait to see what gifts he brings to our EGCM sessions.

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